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Interesting discussions with Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Smart Business people!

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Participate in CYBƎRIA  Un-freeze the Data! Show off your Cyber Assets.

The cool zone for showing your company's unique cyber solutions to hundreds of business executives who are your future potential customers, partners, and investors.

Qualities for Participants in the CYBƎRIA panel are:

  • Focus on the cyber security industry

  • Founded the company in the last 5 years

  • Working solution that can be demonstrated live

  • Have a business relationship to Israel – Corporate offices or R&D offices in Israel

  • Only 10 of the most innovative companies are selected

Presentation Details: Discussion moderated by a . Use PowerPoint, Videos, and other Multimedia

content to be displayed on large screens facing the audience. The solution must work live.

Applying for CYBERIA secures your company’s spot in eXecon™ Executive Connection for one-on-one meetings with VCs and corporate investors. Applications are reviewed in order received. Spaces are limited.
Click here to Participate™

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