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There is something that we can do. 

We can show our support to people in Israel. 


Talk to your circle of acquaintances about Israel and expand their understanding of the situation.  Elevate the discussion to facts. 

  • MILITARY AID:  Israel receives $3.3Billion in military aid from the US per year.  This money is earmarked only to be spent in the US on military purchases such as airplanes and weaponry.  Because of this restriction, the money is essentially recycled from the US to the US via Israel, thus creating jobs in the US.  A side benefit for the US is that technology advancements and improvements by Israel are shared between Israel and the US - very valuable to the US.

  • VOTING RIGHTS: Citizens of Israel, the Jewish State, vote in Israel and serve in the government / Knesset.  Citizens who are Moslems, Christians, Ba'hai, or Jewish all have the same rights in Israeli law.

  • WOMEN: Women of all religions are successful in all areas of business and government.  There are no laws dictating nor restricting head-dress, clothing, driving, or education.  This makes Israel a more desirable society to participate in than in other mid-East countries.

  • IMPROVING THE WORLD: Israel leads in technology advancements, used throughout the world, that has led to worldwide enjoyment of cell-phones, development of fast computers, breakthroughs in medicine, safer automobiles, increased yields in agriculture, creativity in design, and cleanliness of drinkable water, to name a few. 

  • GAZA:  The Gaza region is a strip of land with a beautiful beach front facing the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent to Egypt, sharing an inland border with Israel.  Israel turned over the entire Gaza area in 2005 to be controlled by the Gazans, who then voted for Hamas to be their leaders.  In the ensuing 18 years, Gaza has not developed an independent economy.  This region had the potential to be strong economically and to pursue a modern society with rights for women and for alternative lifestyles but has chosen a path of collective hatred and pursuit of destruction, as presented in their unprovoked and intentionally cruel massacre of over 1,200 Israelis on October 7, 2023.


Congress controls the money.  Your Congressperson represents you in D.C. Your Congressperson may become better informed and swayed by your voice to Stand with Israel today. 

Reach your Congressperson by email or letter or call.  Direct your Representative to vote now for unequivocal support for Israel.   Help your Congressperson to do the right thing, right now.  

.CLICK here for a list with emails of your Representatives in Congress.    

 CLICK here to find your Senator's email. 


Dear Congressperson:

With appreciation for your actions in Congress, please vote affirmatively to support Israel now with sufficient money for defense and for humanitarian aid for Israelis, to release US military equipment stored in Israel now, and to enable Israel to act unencumbered by US restrictions. 


Israel needs to remove the border threat completely in order to avoid a repeat of this murderous horror.  I urge you to represent my interests as your constituent and to vote without hesitation to unequivocally support Israel. 


I also urge you to leverage for lives the timing of the money that goes into the hands of HAMAS in order to get the hostages freed.


Send support to organizations that directly support Israel and protect the citizens.  

  • UNITED HATZALAH - First Responders via volunteer-based emergency medical services in Israel with 6,500 medics saving lives.


Friends of United Hatzalah is a 501(c)3 with EIN 11-3533002 and is affiliated with United Hatzalah of Israel.

  • MAGEN DAVID ADOM - The 'Red Cross' of Israel - ambulance, blood, and national emergency medical services. 

DONATE: text MDA to 52236  or  

American Friends of Magen David Adom is a 501(c)3 with EIN 13-1790719

  • BROTHERS AND SISTERS FOR ISRAEL - The largest Israeli civil aid organization operating in full coordination with the Israeli military, mobilizing resources, locating missing people, procuring vital equipment.


Donations by credit card via the America-Israel Democracy Coalition, a 501(c)3 with EIN 93-1616002


  • ISRAELI-AMERICAN CIVIC ACTION NETWORK  - A Pro-Israel advocacy organization / Israeli-American Civic Education Institute.     


Israeli-American Civic Education Institute is a 501(c)3 with EIN 83-1657444

  • AMERICAN FRIENDS OF ISRAEL NAVY SEALS - The Israel Navy SEALS are the tip of the spear in Israel's defense.     


AFINS is a 501(c)3 with EIN 20-5916414

  • FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES - FIDF supports Israeli soldiers and their families.      


FIDF is a 501(c)3 with EIN 13-3156445

  • WIZO - Women's International Zionist Organization - WIZO is providing humanitarian support to the Israelis dislocated due to the attack on Israel including Day Care centers, Trauma Therapy, and relocating families.      


WIZO is a 501(c)3 with EIN 13-3041381

  • ZAKA SEARCH AND RESCUE - ZAKA is a UN-recognized volunteer humanitarian organization that deals with incidents of unnatural death. ZAKA is an emergency first responder who also picks up the remains of the people to honor them in death.       


ZAKA is a 501(c)3 with EIN 46-0567613


If you have the ability, you can help in person in Israel.

  • VOLUNTEERS FOR ISRAEL / SAR-EL - SAR-EL is an opportunity to live and work besides Israeli soldiers, performing non-combat civilian support duties.        



Know that your thoughts and actions to

Stand with Israel are meaningful.

Donate Directly to Israel
We can send DONATIONS TO ORGANIZATIONS that are immediately helping Israelis hurt or terrorized by the events happening is Israel today.




Write to Congress / Senators
We can make our voices heard by the politicians. 
We can write
 to Congress and to the Senate.  
Find your


Know the Facts

We can stand up strongly with facts to push-back at those who defend terrorism.  We can elevate our friends and colleagues with facts.   

See a list of straight-forward FACTS below.

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