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Friend or Fraud
Friend or Fraud was just highlighted by Visa Europe as one of the top 6 cyber startups in Israel: We verify identity and get breathing, heart rate, emotional and physiological state, eye movement, and more in real-time from a webcam so we know a user is the live human they claim, and what state they're in. Unlike existing facial recognition systems, even those with "liveliness tests", we're unhackable and can't be duped by a video feed or animation, we work instantly over the cloud, and with existing and legacy hardware. Our team are elite ex-IDF, ex-Technion, and MIT. Our advisors and investors are ex-Google, NASA, and Wall Street. We help end the $100B+ yearly loss to ID theft, and protect users' safety and brands' reputations.
Ari Teman



Cyberia Speaker

Founder of Friend or Fraud, award-winning, patent-holding founder of JCorps, 12gurus, and GatherGrid.
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