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Volunteers make the event rock!

The Calatrava / Chords Bridge / Bridge of Strings in Jerusalem, Israel גשר המיתרים  Gesher HaMeitarim

Become a Volunteer

Join the Shalom Team – Volunteer to Work at The Israel Conference, get an opportunity to be close to the Israel tech scene and a ticket to the conference.


A select group of people will be included in the Shalom Team. Experience in ‘customer relations management’ by providing helpful answers, ease of using a computer, and a strong sense of responsibility are the characteristics that you have to make you a member of The Israel Conference Shalom Team.


Tel Aviv.


Take an active role to be a conference representative as part of the Shalom Team leading up to the conference as well as day of conference. Select from the Shalom Team rolls below. Choose as many as your talent permits.


Select your position on the Shalom Team from the roles below. Choose as many as are comfortable for you.


Fill in the information below to request to be selected for the Shalom Team!


To be part of a fabulous conference and receive benefits of a complimentary registration for the conference to attendee and interact outside your Shalom Team time slot.


Roles for you!

  • Music - Recruit a Band

  • Registration - Greet and Admit attendees

  • Production - Help with event in day of event

  • Food - Help with food service

  • Social Media - Posting and Responding

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