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Interesting discussions with Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Smart Business people!


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The Israel Conference™
The Israel Conference™ focuses on the business of Israel and the companies who do business in Israel. We highlight the companies that are integrating great technology and design into the largest companies and to the millions of consumers who enjoy the innovation that is characteristic of the Israeli businessperson.

Sharona Justman


Sharona Justman is the co-Founder and co-Chair of The Israel Conference™ to expand the conversation between the business community and the exciting happenings in the entrepreneurial Israeli market by showcasing the innovative spirit of the Israeli market. Sharona combines a strong business background with a solid tech understanding and adds a dash of marketing flair which positions her as a top advisor to many companies. Sharona started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers and is the Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors working with large Private Equity firms
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