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Interesting discussions with Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Smart Business people!

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Crowdmii (Crowd “Made In Israel”), is an international crowd funding platform created to support projects focusing on the ideas reflecting the “Israeli Mind”. They aim to present the next generation of The Startup Nation innovation to the world and to give Israel supporters a personal connection to fascinating startup companies and pioneering ideas that are made in Israel.
Yishai Fuchs



Panel Speaker

Yishai Fuchs professional background weaves together both the business and environmental worlds. Prior to his current work at crowdmii, Yishai worked as a family fund manager and saw first hand the major difficulties faced by enterprises and startups to raise money and get off the ground.
Yishai is passionate about environmental issues, especially energy-related. He believes that in order to make a real change, there must be an economic motivation.
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