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The Israel Conference™
Yossi Vardi has received many awards, including the Prime Minister of Israel Hi-Tech Award for life achievements on two occasions, the Industry Prize, the Ramniceanu Prize and C-E-Os Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame.
Yossi Vardi



Panel Moderator

Yossi Vardi is one of Israel’s early entrepreneurs and has co-founded, lead, and participated in building over 70 high-tech companies. Yossi Vardi co-pioneered instant messaging (IM) as the founding investor of Mirabilis, the creator of highly popular IM program ICQ sold to AOL in 1998. A number of Yossi’s investments have resulted in an IPO such as, Scopus, Granite, and International Lasers Technology and some have been acquired by Microsoft, Cisco, Yahoo!, IAC, and Sierra Wireless. Yossi is twice the recipient of the Israel Prime Minister High Tech Award for Life Achievements. Yossi is the co-chair of The Israel Conference.
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