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Disney Accelerator
The Disney Accelerator provides participating companies with investment capital, access to co-working space at Disney's creative campus and mentor support and guidance from top Disney executives, entrepreneurs, investors and other notable business leaders from the entertainment and technology communities.
Mandy Salzman


Salzman joined Techstars in 2015 to run its accelerator it manages for Disney. The daughter of a veteran investor (he chose Myspace but not Facebook, to her dismay), Salzman sourced the majority of deals for the second fund of her previous firm, Structure Capital, while only an associate, working with companies like MakeSpace, The Muse and Shyp. At Disney, all startups of the first program have raised money, reached profitability or been acquired, most notably Sphero, which raised $45 million and makes the BB-8 droid toy from Star Wars Episode VII.
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