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Wear Me Inside Out!

The Future of Fashion Wearable technology. - Trends in turning your closet into an information powerhouse.

Donde is the first search tool that allows users to find any fashion item they have in mind with visuals rather then text. Donde Artificial Intelligence technology imitates the way people visually perceive objects


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Liat Zakay



Liat Zakay founded Donde Fashion to address her own frustrations with online shopping. She noted that a traditional text search was time consuming, and the results rarely matched the image of the outfit in her mind. So, she decided to code a new way to search - with visuals, instead of text - and Donde Fashion was born! Today, through Donde Fashion, women can easily find exactly what they’re looking for from thousands of fashion brands in seconds.
Prior to founding Donde Fashion, Liat served as an officer in an elite technological unit of Israeli Intelligence and led the Israeli Defense Forces cyber training programs. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.
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