[[Salutation]] ~ We want you to join us for The Israel Conference spotlighting on Business & Technology between Israel and the U.S.

The Israel Conference is a fast-paced business conference that brings together leading technology innovators and investors in companies doing business in Israel in High Tech / Media and Entertainment / TV / Films / Advertising / Mobile / eCommerce / Content / Gaming / Gesture / Cloud / Security / Clean Tech / Medical Tech / Fashion Tech / Consumer Products that are market-making and in demand.

Join 700 business executives to network and hear from speakers who represent the spirit of the inventiveness of the Israel market from public and privately-held Israel-facing companies.

Present in the Pavilion of Companies
To maximize your presence at The Israel Conference, having a spot in the Pavilion of Companies allows you to have continuous exposure and one-on-one discussions with hundreds of attendees throughout the Conference days with an opportunity to interact about your business. Use your tickets to invite strategic alliances to meet you.

Present in Fast & Cool
A special spotlight for incredibly awesome companies to speak to the entire audience to demonstrate and talk about the market. Companies apply to present in selected spots throughout the day.

Present in FutureFest
A remarkable session where VCs and CEOs evaluate the pitches of earlier-stage companies so that the audience can hear how an investor thinks. A great opportunity for companies to present before a panel of investors and VCs and get a response. One of the most popular sessions at The Israel Conference.

The Israel Conference ~
Cool Business ~ From the Shores of the Mediterranean to the Shores of the Pacific