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The Israel Conference™ focuses on the business of Israel.  Our unique format is fast-paced and fascinating.  Since 2009 we have showcased some of the most interesting and relevant companies that have a business relationship in Israel.  We bring the best companies onto the main-stage to give the business community a front-row seat to see the trends and the companies that are making a difference.


Over 500 CEOs and Founders and Executives have presented their company to over 5,000 business executives who have attended in Los Angeles and over 100,000 business-people world-wide are part of the community.  Join the Community.


All of the presenters have a business relationship in Israel - are based in Israel, invest in Israeli companies, do business with Israeli companies, have R&D in Israel, have a joint-venture with an Israeli company.  

The mission of The Israel Conference™ is to create business opportunities between Israel and the World by showcasing the innovation and design that creates new markets, invigorates existing markets, and drives revenue, job creation, and economic prosperity for the companies involved, the customers, the employees, and the entire chain of business.


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