The Israel Conference 2011
October 30, 2014
October 31, 2014
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Further information about The Israel Conference™ in Los Angeles / October 30 + 31, 2014
Cool Business from the Shores of the Mediterranean to the Shores of the Pacific • Expanding Opportunities between Israel and The U.S.

We are going into our sixth successful year of our spectacular annual business event focused on the growth and development of Israel Business around the world. Of the 80+ speakers and 700 executives registering to attend the conference from the tens of thousands that we reach through direct email, over 40% are CEO, founder, president level showing that we attract decision makers who are in a position to act upon relevant relationships.

The Israel Conference™ increases opportunities for business partnerships between Israel and the Global economy by showcasing the businesses of Israel.

We feature successful businesses and business partnerships that have products and technology that come out of the Israel market and are sold worldwide with speakers who are internationally recognized industry executives, inspiring global leaders, and prominent investors.

Innovation and Design:
The conference is a gathering to discuss the vitality and growth of Israel-facing business through a variety of panels on hot industry topics and trends with world-class speakers and excellent networking in an environment that lends itself to great discussions and idea generation with innovators and executives from both early-stage and mature companies in a variety of industries including entertainment technology, advertising, mobile, digital delivery, medical technologies, energy technologies, gaming, security, and consumer branded products.

Audience and Networking:
Each year for the past five years, we have had over 700 business executives attending annually and our current number of registrations far surpasses that of prior years to date. Attendees are senior executives from around the world and over 40% are chief executive level and 20% are other senior executives from middle market and earlier stage firms. Our attendees represent companies from publicly traded, emerging growth, and early stage that could potentially become your next high-profile business relationship.

We have featured over 350 companies that do business in Israel and their CEOs over the past five years, some of which have had grand transactions before or shortly after presenting at our conference such as Waze and Google with over $1B in value, Objet and Stratasys in 3D printing with over $1B in value, SodaStream with an IPO over $250M, Amobee and SingTel in an acquisition over $300M, and Carmel Wines with value over $35M.

Business and Investors:
We are known for our stellar networking along with fascinating sessions as part of the two-day program. Numerous investments, deals, and joint-ventures are started or announced at our Conference. We have broad attendance by Private Equity, VC, Angels, and financial leaders with over $20B of investable capital in the room.

We invite selected business leaders and CEOs from awesome companies that are doing business in Israel. We invite high-caliber executives to speak from publicly traded through privately held companies, both large, medium, and early-stage. To date we have enjoyed top executives such as the CEO of Delta Galil (apparel), the Chairman of SanDisk, the President of Oracle, the CEO of Given Imaging (the Pill Cam), the CEO of Elbit (largest military technology firm in Israel), top executives of Google, the Heads of Microsoft Israel, and the Head of Innovation of Procter & Gamble. In addition, we have invited hundreds of medium, small, and early-stage company executives to participate in sessions.

Known For:
Our conference is all about business and success with an emphasis on Israel. We are fun, fast moving, and information rich. The networking is intense and the business opportunities in the room are vast. It is a great environment to show the best of Israel business and engage with business leaders. We are known as the place to initiate strategic partnerships, garner the attention of investors, and drive new business.

Pavilion of Companies:
A bustling area overflowing with top-level decision makers and press ready to propel growth. Companies participating demonstrate all day and meet with new partners, alliances, and funders.

This fully business-oriented conference attracts attendees from California, New York, Georgia, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, Atlanta and many other US cities as well as Canada, Australia, France, China, Mexico, England and, of course, Israel. Attendees enjoy an excellent forum for business networking and idea exchange with the objective of exploring and creating new business while learning about the current investment market and future business growth of Israel-facing companies that were founded in Israel / have R&D in Israel / do business in Israel / and investors in Israeli companies.

We enjoy coverage in the NY Times and other periodicals as well as on radio and other media. We actively seek to get members of the Pavilion of Companies and speakers covered in the media. We market to tens of thousands of executives and business people whom we reach via direct email, social media, and newspapers.

An Experience:
We have created a day at The Israel Conference for executives to come together, talk, eat, think, idea-generate, and gain an insider’s understanding of the success of Israel-facing companies. Conference co-Chairs are Yossi Vardi and Sharona Justman.

We are more than a business conference, we are an experience!