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May 30 & May 31, 2013  |  Los Angeles
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About The Israel Conference

October 30 & October 31 Los Angeles


Why You Should Attend:

  • The networking is extraordinary! You will be part of the discussions with the inventors, innovators, and investors who are making the market sizzle in content, media, tech, design, and products. A sparkling gathering to evoke new ideas and catapult you forward into big business.

Who's In The Room:

  • Top executives from businesses and Fortune 1000 firms to early-stage startups attend. Over 40% of our attendees are founders and leaders of companies. You will meet top executives from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! along with some of the most creative early-stage start-ups as well as many of the top VCs worldwide.

Register Early:

  • Each year we have a packed house and this year we have an expanded program. <em>Register today to ensure that you have a prime spot in our extraordinary event.</em> We bring you a feature-rich experience at a larger location to enhance your networking and business experience and to open doors for new ventures with the many speakers, sponsors, presenters,, Pavilionaires, founders, innovators, thought-leaders, VCs, executives, and CEOs who will be attending with you.

The Israel Conference™:

  • A two day experience of technology and design with companies that are doing business in Israel.
  • An amazing opportunity to meet with the CEOs and innovators who are making new markets sizzle with leading edge solutions, products, and new ways to be a player in the market.

Los Angeles is The Place!:

  • Meeting executives in L.A. is ideal for a conference focusing on technology coming from Israel! L.A. is one of the world’s most creative places with Silicon Beach bursting with energy, Hollywood content and technology all around, and every industry including advertising, automotive, e-Commerce, gaming and more represented within a short freeway drive!
    The Israel Conference™ is a powerful platform that brings business opportunities, ideas, and people together through great content and tremendous networking.

    Join over 700 executives and register now at www.theisraelconference.org/
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